I. del Monasterio del Carmen Bajo de San Rafael – Ornamentation

Inside the temple of the Carmel Monastery of Saint Raphael, we can see that the ribbed vault of the lateral nave is embellished with moldings painted in ocher color on a white background. There are two niches that lead to the devotional altars and each one exhibits large carvings in wood.

The vitreaux in this nave are large (2.5 m), have a work of grisailles in fired colors and the stained glass artist Juan Santiago Tapia worked on the replacement of the vitreaux in 1982. The vitreaux are related to Saint Raphael the Archangel, Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Gabriel the Archangel.

The ribbed vault of the main nave is richly ornamented with ocher moldings and paintings of different saints. In the area of the presbytery, the vault presents another pictorial work with Saint Raphael the Archangel as the central theme and, clearly, the artist is not the same as the artist of the other paintings.

The walls are also richly embellished with moldings in ocher color and in the top where the stained glass windows are found; in the walls there are paintings in very poor conservation conditions. The stained glass windows in this section are vertical, are dedicated to different saints and are in poor conditions.

The High Altar is made of marble and it finishes in a niche that exhibits the image of the Virgin of Carmel.
In the area of the choir there is a carving of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
The wooden pulpit stands out.

As the church is closed, no more devotional altars can be seen.