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Its construction date is not very clear or its inauguration, but there are some testimonies that would indicate that the Chapel is more than 200 years old, being one of the oldest constructions in the sector, along with Customs and the Train Station. As is indicated by its name, the temple formed part of the El Manzano ranch, along with the foreman’s house that is located beside it, and the Patron’s Main House. All the set is strategically located on the side of the Maipo River to obtain the necessary water for domestic, agricultural, cattle raising and poultry farming use.

It was located 100 meters from the train station that brought neighbors and the faithful to the masses that were held in its interior. The chapel was highlighted within the scenery on being in the middle of green areas in the zone. The chapel was in charge of several priests that were called by the ranch owner, depending on the time of the year and the religious festivities that were celebrated.

Due to the Agricultural Reform in the decade of the 60’s, the ranch was subdivided, leaving the Chapel, the Foreman’s House, and the Warehouses as well as “a common property for the use of the twelve farming families favored by the land division established by the CORA” Agricultural Reform Corporation (Corporación de la Reforma Agraria). Along with this land division, the chapel damaged by the weather and the passing of time was rebuilt by the consequence of the division in lots turned out in a decrease of the liturgical activity.

Currently, the El Manzano ranch does not exist, the patron’s house was demolished and the main street divides the land. Among the local people it is told that the patron’s house was going to be declared a Historical Monument, but the family in charge of the real estate property was not willing to be in charge of a patrimony element, which why it was demolished before it was declared.

The parish was declared Historical Monument on July 3, 1996 and it currently has a religious activity on week-ends and special festivity days.


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