The church was completely remodeled after the 2010 earthquake through private donations. Work was done in the structural consolidation, i.e., using the same materials in which the construction was originally built, i.e. adobe and realizing a safe building by incorporating internally modern elements, such as the plastic meshes that cover all the building material to sustain it and metal pillars achieving a structure that resists movements.

It is a simple rectangular volume that on one of the sides has a porticoed corridor with pillars, elements of influence and colonial tradition and on the other an annex as a closed room. All of this is crowned with a wood campanile tower with a pyramid type spire, made with an austere expression and very little ornament.

The temple interior keeps the exterior austere décor and sobriety. From a single rectangular nave, the lintel roof as well as the entrance door and the porches with windows, illuminate all the interior and have their lintels framed by a different color as a decorative mode, as well its lateral walls are ornamented with pillars attached in the same tone to keep the aesthetic line.


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