The lateral walls are ornamented with small framed plates that show the scenes of the Stations of the Cross.

On reaching the altar zone, on the lateral left wall a niche (derived from an old porch) can be seen that contains an altar with the beautiful figure of Our Lady of Covadonga, commonly known as La Santina (is name is derived from the story in which the Virgin produces a rock slide forming a cave that ended the Arab army in the Battle of Covadonga that was considered the start of the restoration of the Christian Kings in the Spanish peninsula). She is represented with the Baby Jesus in her left arm and a rose on her right hand and with a crown decorated with pearls.

The zone of the presbytery and of the altar is at on an uneven part, first separated by a step, a resting space and then by two other steps. Once there, on the left hand side a figure of Saint Joseph con el Baby Jesus can be appreciated and on the right a figure of the Virgin Mary. The altar, donated in 2006 by the Congregation of the Daughters of Saint Joseph has a relic in a piece of marble incrusted in the furniture, with the dress of the founder of the congregation.

Behind the altar an architectonic altar piece can be appreciated of a Greco-Latin classic line. Two pedestals are observed both holding Doric style columns. A triangular pediment rests on them. In the center the figure of crucified Christ can be seen within a thinned out niche.


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